Which community would be the best fit for your needs?

North of Denver, Boulder County seems to have the largest number of large training barns, (of all disciplines). This garners the associated support services of vets, farriers, trainers, and tack stores. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find larger tracts of land in Boulder and Larimer counties. It’s still available, but you must consider cost and possible HOA restrictions on the number of horses or large animals allowed. One of the main items to consider in Boulder County is whether a property has a conservation easement. A conservation easement can limit the size, location, and number of structures you may build on your property.  For instance, an indoor arena, may be prohibited by a conservation easement.

South of Denver, Sedalia is beautiful and definitely horse country. The proximity of facilities, trainers, and amenities (tack shops etc.) is a bit further out. Elizabeth and Parker are also great horse centric areas. Parker supports the largest number of tack stores and horse facilities including the Colorado Horse Park. Elizabeth still offers larger parcels of land with decent proximity to amenities.

Land zoning and use are also considerations for having horses at home. All counties have a limit on the number of large animals allowed per acre. Educate yourself on this as you decide where you want to purchase property.

The price per acre is the highest in Boulder County; Larimer County a bit less per acre, and Weld County the least dollar per acre in the areas north of Denver.


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